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Staying "clean" in a school of mess

Keeping your schools clean can be down right frustrating and cumbersome for most people. Having the correct materials and supplies can be of all the difference. For example, you just built a 5000 student school and notice your floors taking a beating almost immediately. A few good systems you can incorporate would be to lay down a couple of mats. Not just in front of the entrances, but also underneath urinals and restrooms ( yes, there is a disposable mat for underneath urinals, especially when men forget to pee on the bee) . You would be amazed to notice the impact Mats have.

You can also try using a foaming soap to reduce soap scum and drips. In some cases lotion hand soap are your best option due to the volume which can be stored and can last almost all day in the busy environment. Foam dispensers, from experience, will be more delicate as well. I would recomend those for Staff use, or lunch area hand disinfecting systems.

Keeping an adequate supply of Paper products is also a vital roll in keeping the school nice and clean. Each class room & area should be well stocked with facial tissues and hand sanitize to help stop those contagious illness/virus. Thus providing healthier and safer school.

Speaking of illness & virus always keep lysol disinfectant on hand. I highly recommend having this product be used every single day during a nightly cleaning service. With many years of experience i can honestly vouch that lysol has the best product to kill germs.

Stay tuned for a part II coming soon!


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